Pages on Make A Makerspace site

After the How to Make a Makerspace conference, there has been a giant pile of information to gather and organize. Some of that material is now in the website. As more information about the conference becomes available, it will go into the website. You might be wondering where to find out about the conference and its’ associated materials.

Here are things you can now find on the Make A Makerspace site:

Contact: Where to find various accounts relating to the conference.

Staff and Volunteers: These are the people who helped bring the conference together (at least the ones who registered as volunteers).

2013 Panels: The weekend was set up so that people could attend panel discussions and workshops. Not everybody could be at all the panels. This is where you will find the topics, and notes from each of the panels.

Schedule: Before the conference, this was what was supposed to happen. Not everything came off as planned, so there were some adjustments to Saturday and Sunday.

Sponsors: These organizations helped to make the conference possible.

Video: As much as possible, we make video recordings of the panels. The raw files are embedded onto the video page.

News: When the Make A Makerspace conference shows up in the news, this is where to find it.