2013 Conference Video
These video files are in their raw, unedited form.

Keynote – Friday evening
Dale Dougherty introduced by Gui Cavalcanti

Identifying and Rallying your community

Special Topics in Makerspace Education (Audio only)

Finding Money Tools and Space

Building Code Insurance and Liability

Audio Only
Special topics in Education Audio Link

Interviews by Chris Connors at the 2013 conference

Dale Dougherty

Danbury Makerspace

Ben Linder of Olin College on making, education and community at Olin

Dan Landers of Northeastern University

Linz Craig on why Sparkfun supports the maker initiative

Andres and Juancarlos speak about creating a makerspace in Guatemala

Gui Cavalcanti at the end of Day One at the Make a Makerspace conference

Francis speaks about starting a makerspace in Quebec

What makerspaces mean to Joe Schleshinger

Bill Church discusses makers in the classroom

Tamara Clammer demonstrates her laser cut bag project


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